Winter is definitely starting to feel like it’s on it’s way. It has been getting colder in Van for the last couple of weeks but now we are seeing the days get shorter too. Cypress has already opened and I am fighting my itch to hit the hill. I want to go up there but don’t feel the base is quite deep enough to not nick up my board. We are only a couple of weeks away at best from some great riding conditions. I should be hitting whistler when I get back from Calgary around the 27th.

Not only is the snow coming but so is the tour. Tickets have started selling this week with a pre-sale to those of you that have the password (snowedin). Victoria started selling on Monday and to my surprise we sold over 200 tickets in the first couple of days. It is our first stop in Victoria and I wasn’t sure how we were going to do there. Along with Vancouver the next night, it will be the two best stops of the tour for the audience. Due to an overlap in schedules there will be 5 of us on each show. Glenn Wool and Arj Barker will be performing together for these two nights. We should be charging way more for this show but we’re not. Same price.

I am excited to have Arj Barker on this year’s tour. He is a comic that I have respected for a long time. He’s funny and super likeable. He has become a star in Australia and is building an amazing reputation around the world. Pete Johansson, who is also a very strong comic, and set for a break-out year, brought him in. Pete and I have been friends since I started. It feels like a reunion tour with Glenn, Pete, Craig and I on the same show. I am excited about the line-up we are bringing and the quality of show. I expect that most of the shows will be sold out and the audiences will be glad they came. See you in two months.

Dan Quinn