Just stopped by Endeavor snowboards and showed them the posters for the tour. They are pretty excited and we will be working together to get the word out. All the guys are going to pick out their new boards and bindings this week. I am thinking of getting the 157 Live Rev wide. I have a 159 now but I am thinking of going a little shorter to see if I can be a little bit better at tricks. That being said I am horrible at them now and I doubt a better board is going to do much for me.

Tickets are now fully on sale everywhere and I am super excited about the response so far. We have 50% of the tickets sold in Vancouver and Victoria with 7 weeks to go. My cousin in Victoria said that there was huge buzz about the show there. Can’t wait for that show at the beautiful 772 seat Mcpherson Playhouse. In Vancouver we have doubled the size of the venue from last year and it’s a good thing we did because we have already matched last years total. Hmmm, I wonder if a second show is in the works.

Also on a personal pride note I just read an interview on Ed Byrne, who some of you may know from his JFL appearances and tv appearances in the UK, was just saying that his ideal day was spent doing the snowed in comedy tour. It’s to bad he can’t make it this year as he’s a great comic and even better guy. You can read the article here.