Our first week is done and it was even better than I could have expected. There wasn’t one single seat left for our Victoria show. The crowd loved it and it was the first night Arj was officially on the tour. He actually made it the night before to Campbell River and did a surprise guest spot. He has been super easy to get a long with and  a ton of fun to watch. Pete Johansson has also been killing it every show. Each guy has really been raising their game starting with Craig who has been killing it right off the top, making sure we are all bringing our A-game. Glenn left the tour today to head to England. Going to miss him as we have a lot of fun hanging out and talking hockey.

We hit Mount Washington last week, but unfortunately we didn’t have any new snow. I was kind of grumpy going to the hill knowing what a great mountain it is in powder. After a couple runs I settled in to it being a groomer day and had a blast. Speed runs all day with Craig and I trying to beat our time with our ski tracks app. 71.6 km/hr, not bad for a couple of old guys.

We also made the Globe and Mail this week. We were all pretty stoked about that. Thanks to Courtney for taking the photo and having her first published photo.

We are now all settled in to Whistler for the next three days for some killer riding. Supposed to start snowing. Can’t wait. We had added a second night here but both our shows are already sold out. Sorry to those that waited. We have 8 shows this week and 5 are already sold out. Maybe this tour is about to be a big deal. Pretty cool for a bunch of guys just out to have a blast.

Here is a link to the review of the Vancouver show in the Georgia straight. http://www.straight.com/article-584306/vancouver/snowed-comedy-tour-brings-laughs-granville-island.