There a many small but important progressions in ones life. Learning to walk, rolling a joint tight with a filter, tricking a girl into leaving first thing in the morning thinking it was her idea. And now on the Snowed Inn tour I have made another.

A little background first. Much like Craig, Dan and Glenn I’m from western canada originally, Kelowna specifically and I’ve had opportunities to snowboard. But I always passed on it as of the fact i was either broke or scared to fail. In the last couple years my finances have improved and my fear of making an ass of myself has started to go away, as anyone who see’s the underwear i wear into public hot tubs can attest. So i started to venture out on rented boards at Big White when i was in Kelowna, and in Meribel france when I was in the UK. Both these hills proved less fun than expected. In Kelowna I did not enjoy the rented equipment. In France I discovered nothing more frustrating than a shear ice faced mountain mixed with snotty french kids. In my heart I wanted to board but the circumstances weren’t right.

Now this year rolled around, and this fantastic opportunity of the tour landed in my lap. And two great new boosts to my boarding arrived. First was a reverse Camber board, which was generously sponsored to me from Endeavor snowboard company and second was a hit of hash before my first run.

A better discovery than chocolate and peanut butter, or even a gentle noose around the neck and vigorous masterbation. Nobody should hit the slopes without both! It was transformational! Sure I don’t rocket down the hill yet like Dan or Craig, fine I don’t do tricks and flips like Arj, but now I don’t wipeout so bad i shatter a credit card in my pocket either.

I can’t wait to hit the hill in Whistler tomorrow with my new found confidence and my hash pipe.

The shows so far have been amazing and couldn’t get any better, but there is plenty of room for my boarding to improve. But I am on my way bitches!

Talk soon again, Pete:)