The last week has been a blast with some of the best snowboarding so far. I haven’t written a blog because I have been to busy. Last Monday a couple of my friends from Van joined us in Sun Peaks. We had a fun day messing around on the hill but nothing to crazy. Then it was off to Revy. Revy has always been one of my favourite mountains. It once again lived up to my expectations. Great steepness and tons of powder. We hit it two days in a row. The second day was a little warmer so the snow wasn’t quite as good but we still found tons of great snow. We actually had to leave early that day because of road closures in the Roger’s pass and we had to get to our gig in Golden. We made it in time.

Last year we were unable to hit Kicking horse but this year it was a must stop. We had a great show the night before and some locals said they would show us around. Always a great plan. With their help we had some of the best runs of the tour so far. Long untouched powder runs that made me feel like I was cat-boarding. What a great hill. So steep with tons of easily accessible terrain. I can’t wait to get back.

After that it was a show and party night in Banff before heading for some relaxation in Calgary. Well deserved and needed. Then we made the trek to the southern loop of BC. We hit Fernie on monday. It was above 0 and the snow was really wet and heavy. The had 38 cm’s but it was a tough day on the hill. No worries, Tuesday morning we were going Cat-skiing.

Fernie Wilderness Adventures has taken us the last two years and what a treat. Arj, Craig and myself got up at 6:30 excited and found it snowing lightly in town. The day lived up to our expectations with powder run after powder run. Matt and Chad, out two guides, were fun and pointed out tons of great hits. Arj and I did a double cliff drop. Only about 8 feet each but still we did it and stuck it. What a great day.

The last week is winding down but it has been a blast with still some great riding to come.