Apology letter to the audience in Calgary

On behalf of the Snowed In Comedy tour I would like to apologize to anyone who was offended by the way Craig dealt with the heckler at the end of the show in Calgary on Saturday night.

We worked really hard to bring a great night of comedy to such a lovely venue as the Plaza Theatre. We are sorry that in some of your eyes that this wonderful night was tarnished by this event.
We do not feel that Craig’s reaction was warranted, but there were mitigating circumstances. The gentleman Craig snapped on was intoxicated and was disturbing the audience around him for a long period of time even though most of the audience could not hear him. All four of the comedians work very hard on their craft and take great pride in what they do. With this pride we can sometimes be hurt quickly by someone who disrupts our show and in our eyes prevents us from performing the way it was intended. Our jokes might seem spontaneous and effortless but they rely on a delicate mechanism. Often a comedian has spent years perfecting the jokes they tell with immaculate timing and delivery. We must also aknowledge that had we arranged for security this issue may have been solved in a different way with less overall upset to the show. As well, Craig has been on back medication and was dealing with a very personal family issue that day.
That being said, we do not feel Craig’s reaction was justified for this offence and we feel he went to far. Craig is our friend, and remains our friend who’s comedy is more often than not a wonderful experience. It is unfortunate that forgotten in this was how wonderful an audience we played to that night and how great the show was. We were ecstatic to have had the opportunity to entertain such an amazing crowd of comedy fans and we feel pained that these few moments could have impacted the evening as a whole so negatively.
Calgary, we offer our sincerest apologies and do hope you also remember the great laughs we had that night.

And on a plus note, I bet everyone had something interesting to talk about at work today.

Getting Ready for 2013

I know it is still early in september and it is plus 21 outside right now but preparations have begun for 2013. We just released our schedule for this year and we have added 4 new cities. We were contacted by Jason of Rayz Boardshop in Smithers and he asked if there was any way we could make it to Smithers. I said no as there wasn’t enough time to accommodate for the long drives we would need to do. To many days wasted where we could be boarding. After a few persistent e-mails I looked at the schedule a few more times. Continue reading

Amazing snowboarding

The last week has been a blast with some of the best snowboarding so far. I haven’t written a blog because I have been to busy. Last Monday a couple of my friends from Van joined us in Sun Peaks. We had a fun day messing around on the hill but nothing to crazy. Then it was off to Revy. Revy has always been one of my favourite mountains. It once again lived up to my expectations. Great steepness and tons of powder. We hit it two days in a row. Continue reading

Pete’s Take on the Snowboarding So far.

There a many small but important progressions in ones life. Learning to walk, rolling a joint tight with a filter, tricking a girl into leaving first thing in the morning thinking it was her idea. And now on the Snowed Inn tour I have made another.

A little background first. Much like Craig, Dan and Glenn I’m from western canada originally, Kelowna specifically and I’ve had opportunities to snowboard. But I always passed on it as of the fact i was either broke or scared to fail. Continue reading

First week Complete

Our first week is done and it was even better than I could have expected. There wasn’t one single seat left for our Victoria show. The crowd loved it and it was the first night Arj was officially on the tour. He actually made it the night before to Campbell River and did a surprise guest spot. He has been super easy to get a long with and  a ton of fun to watch. Pete Johansson has also been killing it every show. Each guy has really been raising their game starting with Craig who has been killing it right off the top, making sure we are all bringing our A-game. Continue reading

About to Start

Just checked in to the hotel room in Nanaimo awaiting the start of our first show. Really excited about this year. WE have already sold out several shows and are doing late shows in a bunch of cities. Victoria is sold out already and that surprised me. It was our first time there and didn’t know how they would respond. It is also our biggest venue at 772 seats. Can’t wait for that show. Continue reading

Frustrations and Surprises

Putting together a tour like this always has it’s frustrations and surprises. First the surprises. Tickets are selling even better this year than last. We have added a late show in Vancouver, Kamloops and Prince George. We are also debating adding a late show in Victoria but with 772 seats it would suck if only a hundred people came to the late show. Might decide tomorrow if I don’t hit powder king. Continue reading

Endeavor Snowboards

Just stopped by Endeavor snowboards and showed them the posters for the tour. They are pretty excited and we will be working together to get the word out. All the guys are going to pick out their new boards and bindings this week. I am thinking of getting the 157 Live Rev wide. I have a 159 now but I am thinking of going a little shorter to see if I can be a little bit better at tricks. That being said I am horrible at them now and I doubt a better board is going to do much for me. Continue reading

It’s starting

Winter is definitely starting to feel like it’s on it’s way. It has been getting colder in Van for the last couple of weeks but now we are seeing the days get shorter too. Cypress has already opened and I am fighting my itch to hit the hill. I want to go up there but don’t feel the base is quite deep enough to not nick up my board. We are only a couple of weeks away at best from some great riding conditions. I should be hitting whistler when I get back from Calgary around the 27th. Continue reading

New Sponsor

The Snowed in Comedy tour is proud to have a sponsor this year. Endeavor Snowboards, a vancouver based snowboard design company will be the title sponsor of this year’s tour. We are excited to be working with a great company like theirs. Snowboards built by snowboarders and their office is right in Vancouver. Really excited to try out their board in a few weeks. Not positive which one I am going to get yet and want to hear what Max has to say. Continue reading